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Best Golf Courses in Chester, CA

Looking for the best golf resorts for your California golf vacation? You're in luck! Northern California offers plenty of country clubs, and golf courses for you to get on the green.

Whether you are an ace player or constantly hit bogeys, you should be able to find a course to enjoy on your relaxing vacation. Golf remains one of the best things to do in northern California. We'll show you all the resorts, their prices, hours, and even the best places to eat nearby.

This is your guide for golfing in Chester!

Bailey Creek

Bailey Creek is the top golf course in Chester. People from all over the country come here to enjoy their tee time. Not only do they have reasonable rates, but the clubhouse is one of the highest-rated and has an excellent hole layout for golfing pros! If you have more questions about how to become a member of the club, check out their website!
  • Price: Book your Tee Time! The prices listed below are for the general public. Members have discounted rates. You can also search for discounts at specific times on the Bailey Creek website.
  • 9 Holes: $45
  • 18 Holes: $85
  • Evening: $50
  • Hours: 7AM-6PM

Places to Eat near Bailey Creek
Red Onion Grill
Want to eat like a king after the best game of golf you've ever played? The Red Onion Grill is the perfect place to stop for your evening meal. Grab a steak, salmon, and many other highly-acclaimed dishes.
If you have a larger group, you may want to get a pizza to share instead. Tantardino's is a classy Italian restaurant, with pizza that will set fireworks off in your mouth. Perfect for couples as well!

Lake Almanor Country Club

Yet another solid option for your golfing experience in Chester. While it costs much more to golf here if you're not a club member (like all country clubs) it is still an excellent value. You can also bring your own golf cart to the greens here for a massively discounted price. The prices listed below are for the general public.
  • 9 Holes: $34
  • 18 Holes: $40
  • Junior: $15
  • 9 Hole Cart Use: $40
  • 18 Hole Cart Use: $75
  • Hours: 7AM-6PM

Nearby Places to Eat
If you want to have your meal five feet from your golf club, Clifford's is the place for you! The restaurant is located conveniently on Lake Almanor's Golf Club, and offers a large meal for a decent price.

Lake Almanor West Golf Course

While the other two golf courses are somewhat close together, Lake Almanor West Golf gives you an opportunity to golf from a different part of the lake. The best part is that this golf course is just as close to Antlers Motel as the other ones, so you have nothing to lose if you want to club this way.
  • 9 Holes: $35
  • 18 Holes: $45
  • Twilight: $20
  • 9 Hole Cart Use (per rider): $12
  • 18 Hole Cart Use (per rider): $17
  • Hours: 7:30AM-5PM

Nearby Places to Eat
Almanor West Grill
You'll have the opportunity to eat at this lovely outdoor restaurant. They only serve lunch from 11AM - 3PM, making it the perfect place to start or end your golfing trip. Grab a burger, BLT, or salad, which all come highly-rated by the many people who have visited this restaurant.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you plan your golfing vacation out to some extent. Whether you are a pro golfer, a struggling amateur, or a young newcomer, golfing can make your vacation relaxing and a bit competitive - especially if you come with a group of friends and family!

If you're interested in learning about Lake Almanor, check out our guide to the lake.
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